Monday, March 28, 2016

" "He will grant sufficient strength when you take a leap of faith"

I'm praying for that strength right now . 
It's 4:00am here and I am sitting here in a puddle of tears after having to say goodbye to my other half. I miss him much that my heart aches . We have never been away from each other as long as we will have to be before this is done. We estimate it will be another 2.5 weeks until Noah and I will be home and the tears are flowing. I am praying for an extra measure of peace to give me the strength to do what needs to be done here to have our family all back together 

When I was stressing and sad over the fact that kris would not be able to stay with me the entire time here he wisely reminded me ...

"At the end of the day the important thing is that we get him home, the logistics behind how that happens will work themselves out in the end. And we will make it work somehow"

I know I have been given the courage and strength to do hard things from the very beginning of this adventure 

And We will be able to do so now as we keep our eyes set on the finish line

This may be the hardest leg of the race for me,

 to be without Kris , 

But I believe "the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you " 

We know the will of God brought us here and I have faith he will strengthen us to finish the last leg of the race 

We may be tired and homesick but that finish line is in sight ! 

The finish line where this boy comes home 

To more arms to hold him and more love to give him then he can possibly imagine!

And that is a beautiful thought to keep us going the next few weeks 

Very soon little man you will know what a home is

My boys got lots of snuggles in at our visit to try and hold them over until we are home 

The next time he sees his daddy will be at HOME

Noah was not too sure about the games his sisters were trying to play with him 

Little buddy , you are going to be confused when you don't see your dad the next few weeks, as you always scan our faces when we arrive and follow him if he leaves your sight, but very soon he will be by your side forever 

And we are all looking forward to that reunion at the finish line 

After we had our visit yesterday we made the most of our time with dad and spent the day out exploring the city . 

The girls are able to stay with me for another week and then will travel home with one of the dear friends who have offered to help me here in Kris's absence. 
So until Friday it's just me and Kyra and Adrie and then a friend will be joining us and will take the girls home next week, and another friend will come over for the final week to travel home with me . (Yes we have amazing friends!) 

We walked around some of the world war 2 memorials 

And the more recent revolution memorials from a few years ago 

We visited the "mother motherland " which is like their Statue of Liberty 

The history and character in the streets here is quite a site to behold 

They still have phone booths on the streets ...although Adrie was too concerned about the pigeon coming for her to notice 😉

Adrie was super excited to use her first squatter toilet ! 

We spent the afternoon and evening out walking the city 

Then finished our day with a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant 

I will miss this goofball of mine tremendously for the rest of my time here 

I am so grateful for the time we could spend with the 4 of us here 

Kris and I learned all sorts of teenage lingo we never knew and had experiences with our girls we will never forget 

Thank you again to all those who made it possible for all of this to happen . We are forever grateful 

Noah, hold on because the end of your life alone is just around the corner 

In my teary goodbye just now my good husband comforted me with this "it has been a wonderful experience and I know it will bless our lives forever. I will miss you all the next couple weeks and will be longing to be back in your arms. I know things will go smooth and you will soon be able to hold little Noah around the clock, and he will love that day. I'm so grateful that the girls get to spend more time with you through this process. They will forever be changed by it. Thanks for 
making that happen. I love you so much!! 

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