Sunday, March 20, 2016

Its almost time

Its almost time for the last leg of this journey .

It's been quite a week! We had only been home two days when we got the message about our fast court date (we were expecting to be home for a few weeks) so now we are repacking and preparing to leave again Monday morning . Which is such a miracle that the court date came so fast!

It's been a busy crazy whirlwind the last few days filled with so much love and support that my heart has been overflowing with gratitude all week. 

When we started this process we felt like this, like we were jumping off a cliff not seeing how the process was going to play out or how each step was going to come together,
 just knowing that we were supposed to jump.

And now as we see the miraculous ways the Lord has moved mountains for this little boy

it takes our breath away.

A month ago when we learned we would have to make multiple trips instead of one long trip, the older girls asked if they could come for part of the time there if they fundraised on their own for their travel expenses. So they set up a bottle fundraiser "fill a bottle for baby brother" and delivered baby bottles to neighbors and friends to fill with change . 

The kindness and generosity of others just continues to amaze us . The girls have been so touched and emotional watching all the bottles come back filled for baby brother. Over 100 bottles filled for baby brother and we could not be more grateful.

And because of their efforts and the generosity of others, my oldest girls get to have the experience of a lifetime as they travel with us Monday to another country to meet their baby brother , 

The little boy who they have prayed for and known from the beginning was meant to be their brother, and they can hardly wait to teach him what having big sisters means. 

They have been such a huge part of why and how he is even coming to our family. They encouraged us to say yes to him and to not walk away from our feelings just because it was going to be hard, but to say yes and trust that it was right regardless of if it made sense or was going to be difficult. 

So for them to have the opportunity to travel with us and meet him this trip, is a blessing we never knew would be possible. 

They have spent hours counting and rolling the money that has come in and their lives will never be the same after witnessing the miracle of people coming together for a good cause and sacrificing on their behalf. Its a lesson we are forever grateful they have learned.

With the help of cute friends all cheering them on and spending hours helping.

As part of the girls fundraiser they will be delivering the bottles to the orphanage as well as blankets that the youth made , and they will also be able to purchase some other needed items for the orphanage while we are there thanks to so many donations 

As we have been crazy busy running around preparing to go back for baby brother , we have been able to spend the weekend surrounded by love

as our community came together for a final fundraiser put together on our behalf .... 
On behalf of a little boy 

Who is soon going to be completely overwhelmed by the countless people who have prayed , served, sacrificed and loved on his behalf already 

I just cant stop the tears...

 as I think about how when we started this process we were so worried how the money was going to come together and how people would feel about us doing this again, 
and every fear has been answered with a miracle.
 Again and Again. 
Even up to the final days of preparations to leave we have watched people giving their time, their prayers, their love, their kind words of encouragement, their donations ,
and there are just no words to express my heart right now..... its just so full.

And it wasn't just the local community that we have continued to feel this from, its been felt through loving text messages, touching social media messages, continual donations online and in the mail, 

and we feel like we are carrying the love of thousands across the ocean to deliver to this special little guy

We physically feel a tangible love buoying us up right now and it's a miracle that can't be explained easily through words, 
but we know this little man is going to feel of each and every persons love who has been a part of making all of this possible for him. 

As I prepare to leave my babies here for the next 3 1/2 weeks my heart aches and I am grateful I feel this extra love carrying  me because it's so hard to leave them 

But it will all be worth it when a month from now an orphan boy will never be alone again 


  1. Beautiful. Can't wait to follow this very special part of your journey x

  2. So happy you guys are on your way back there, & with your oldest girls too! Thanks so, so much for sharing this journey with the rest of us. Reading your blog is my daily slice of "this is what life is really all about!" I've had my own faith-building experiences of leaping off that cliff of the unknown, and it's so wonderful to have an extra witness of just how much Heavenly Father loves all of His children! Prayers for a safe trip for you!!

  3. Congratulations! I posted a link to your blog, and about God still making miracles today. Then I realized that I didn't ask if I could. If you need me to take it down, let me know. It's on my personal FB.
    goldnplum at (gmail) . com