Sunday, March 13, 2016

Until we meet again

When we arrived for our morning visit the visiting room was full of other parents visiting their new little ones . We always wonder what they think as they watch us with our little one with special needs because local couples do not adopt the children with special needs . But it's so cute to watch all the children learning what a mama and papa is , and although we don't speak their language we all understand that something great is happening in that room , as families are forming for these little children and it's beautiful to see. 

When they brought him into us he looked extra peaceful and heavenly in his bright yellow color today. 

We tried propping him up on the couch but he only lasted a few minutes ... Any kind of muscle work is exhausting for him 

We took pictures of him and showed them to him

The light coming in the window lights up his baby blue eyes (in all the indoor pics from before we met him they looked dark because there is very little light inside the orphanage )

And then the time came to say goodbye and my heart hurt so badly . We are heading home to wait for our court date and leaving a piece of my heart here is even harder then I thought it would be (and I knew it was going to be hard). No matter where I am, I am torn between my children right now. 

We had the visiting room to ourselves for the last few minutes today, which is rare , so kris gave him a very sweet blessing
... And I cried so much his face was wet with my tears

 Kris blessed him with peace for him to know we will come back, 

for an added measure of healing for his respiratory issues, 

for a knowledge that he will know what a chosen child of God he is, 

for understanding of the importance of coming home to a family and all those who have loved him and helped us get to him , and for angels to surround him in our absence 

I have cried and cried thinking of how just when he starts to recognize us , we have to leave and As I handed him back to the nanny , my heart physically hurt . We are boarding the plane now and I miss him 

"Consider the lilies of the field ..... He knows the meadows where they feed . . . Consider the  sweet, tender children
Who must suffer on this earth.
The pains of all of them He carried
From the moment of his birth
..... And he will bless those who trust Him and guide them with His love. . . .He will bless those who trust Him and make their hearts as gold."

We have put our whole trust in the lord from day one of this journey and we can't stop now. We trust that the lord will keep him safe and surround him with angels till we return . 

Baby boy, may you feel of our love from across the ocean until we can get you back into our arms, 

We miss you already 


  1. this is so heart breaking I can't wait for the day you get to bring him home where he belongs.

  2. Kecia, I'm the president of our ward choir. Yesterday, we were rehearsing Consider the Lilies in preparation for Easter Sunday. As we sang about "the sweet, tender children" of this earth, I couldn't help but think of your experience this week with Baby Brother. And at the end of rehearsal, I got up and shared my experience with your story, and how I hope the messages of these songs (the other is "Be Still My Soul") would come through as we sing on Easter Sunday. I love how He is mindful of every, precious, incomparable soul, and sent you to get this one. I am grateful that He is always there to succor each of us.

  3. This is sad. I am excited for when you see him again. I made a quilt for him.

  4. Praying for your hearts and for the court date to be asap!!! God speed.

  5. Very inspiring, I hope you'll see him again soon.