Friday, March 25, 2016

Today was different

Today was different then our other visits....

We began with some shopping yesterday to prepare for today. 
As part of Kyra and Adries bottle fundraiser they wanted to be able to donate some things to the orphanage. So we asked the director what they needed and he said diapers and a new hot water warmer for the baby bottles in Noah's groupa.

Luckily our driver Natalya helped us figure out what to buy!

We were able to donate 1500 diapers

The water warmer and some new toys

Lots of blankets (some made by the young women and some  by grandma) and new bottles

The orphanage director is a very kind man and he was so appreciative of the donations and gifts and so impressed with the girls help in all of it.

Today we were allowed to walk down to Noahs groupa room and see his bed 

He was asleep when we walked in and the nannies woke him up as we gathered around his bed,
the look in his sweet face when he opened his eyes and saw us all gathered around him was a slice of heaven.

Today we saw him in his home

His reaction to seeing us was so different then any other time he is brought into us and it was beautiful to watch.

Today he seemed if the glazed look in his eyes was beginning to fade

Today we saw his sleeping room side of it anyway...his crib is the wood one against the back wall.

And  the play area of his groupa

there was a little kitchen off of the play area 

And lockers in the entrance of their groupa

Today we were given a gift to be able to see where he has been living for the last 9 months. Even if just for a brief moment, I am glad they allowed us to see it.

They escorted us back to the visiting room and told us they would bring him in to us after he had his bottle in the room.

Today We had some good play time on the floor together

Today he was so much more interactive and was showing little glimpses of a personality.....although he still tries to hold his laugh if he doesn't know what it is, but soon he will know what that feeling inside him is and he will let it all out.

Today his walls started to come down and he began to let us in just a little more then before

He was much more alert and attentive to us

Today was the first time he has acted like he knows he is getting attention

(Gotta love the Down syndrome flexibility)

Today we found a tickle spot

Did some therapy on the floor playing with toys and showing him how to use his muscles 

Today he even held his head up so much better today and for a longer period of time 

Today this little guy began to blossom.....from just a couple hours of love a day.....he is beginning to change

Today he showed us a little sly personality

Cant wait to see what he does with constant love and attention in a few weeks!

Today may have been the first time he has ever been worn out from playing 

Today we tried the swaddle to get him to sleep and it worked

And it was a fight who got to hold him while he was sleeping 

Today we began to see just how quickly love can change a life.....and it's nothing short of miraculous to behold.

"Getting a front row seat to the redemption of these amazing little people is one of the best life experiences I will ever have ." 


  1. My heart is so very happy for you and Noah.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The love of the Cox family is amazing.

  3. Ahhhh you know how I love a swaddled baby! I can't wait to squeeze that boy! Such a teeny little bunny!

  4. Ahhhh you know how I love a swaddled baby! I can't wait to squeeze that boy! Such a teeny little bunny!

  5. Love love LOVE!!!!! My heart is soooo full for your family and Baby Noah!!!!

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. ❤️❤️Tfs! He is so adorable!! Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers!