Saturday, March 12, 2016

A piece of a laugh

Baby boy was super confused when I Started  kissing his neck today but then he started to let out a sound to resemble a piece of a laugh, 

It is apparent he has never done this laughing thing before 

Lucky for us he is loving this position to be held 

Outfit of the day according to kris is bumblebee meets water polo player 

And he can make it look adorable 

Don't be fooled by his size cause he is in a good 3+ layers ha ha 

Poor guy has a cold, runny nose, and cough on top of what appear to be some narrow breathing issues that make it hard for him to breath easily and even worse in certain positions . 

Combined with that He makes all sorts of noises he has had to use every day of his life trying to self soothe and stimulate his senses . Imagine every day of your life is spent looking up from your back all day with nothing to do , cute little guy has no idea there is a world out there to enjoy. 

We got permission to go outside for a little walk and they got him all bundled up for our stroll 

The adorable carriage bouncing softly and the fresh air put him to sleep quickly 

His eyelashes are amazing 

He was all worn out after his walk and slept in my arms even after he was moved out of the stroller 


  1. I can't get over how much he looks like your girls.and what a cute baby pram.

  2. He has the most amazing eyelashes!!! Prayers for your sweet baby boy! Prayers that he feels your love, finds his laughter, and his joy - in spite of the way he has been living for the last nine months. He is one amazing little guy and I am so grateful every day that the Lord led you to him!!!!

  3. Love following all of the good things you do. Hope to meet this lil' guy soon:) God Bless you and your growing family.

  4. Thank you. I've followed you and your adventure since Mia. You and your family amaze me. Toys adorable little guy is so lucky! Love you all so much, Detra❤