Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daddy's corner

I've always wanted a son. I just never imagined this is how I would get one. When we found out my wife was pregnant with the twins everyone, including me, was positive they'd be boys. I mean I already had 4 girls. I'll be honest and say the day we found out they were girls I was pretty bummed. But it didn't take long before they had me wrapped around their little fingers and now I can't imagine life any other way. Now enter into our lives Baby Brother. This past week as we've finally met this little boy that will now be a part of our family there has been a flood of emotions and questions running through my mind. 

What is my relationship going to be like with this little guy? Will we be able to go outside and play catch, or will we find other activities to do? 

Will he be interested in going to the ballgame, or just hangout on the couch and watch a movie? 

Will he want to go camping with the scouts when the time comes? Fishing? Hiking? Boating? Golf? Sports? All the things that a father/son relationship is expected to be built on, right? 

Well holding this little peanut in my arms this week, I think I got answers to all of those questions and more...It doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we are together.

Many times this week I thought back to my childhood with my dad. We did play catch, golf, basketball, etc. together, but at the same time I know there are a lot of things in life that my dad probably thought we would do together that he enjoyed doing with his dad. I know they always went hunting together, played tennis, and many other things that I don't remember doing with my dad. Was he disappointed that we didn't do all of these things that he imagined we would when I was born? Maybe, but I think the real answer is it didn't really matter what we were doing, as long as we did it together. I love my dad for the time we spent together. I don't always remember what we did, but I always remember we did it together.

We have some close friends that have a boy with Down Syndrome. The relationship between this boy and his dad is something that has always had a deep impact in my life. I had the opportunity to work along side this dad in the scouting program when his son was that age. Hearing about the father/son time these two spent together became something that I looked forward to each week. Whether it was telling us about the latest movie that came out that they went and saw in the theater, going to his favorite park and swinging on the swings, driving the 4-wheeler, or swimming on the high school swim team, these two shared a father/son relationship for the ages. It didn't seem to matter to this dad that they weren't always doing the typical things that you imagine yourself doing as a father with your son, it only seemed to matter that they did it together.

So little man, here is my promise to you. I promise that no matter where life's journey takes us, whether that is to the ballgame, the mountains, the golf course, the swing set, or the downstairs couch, you will always have a daddy that loves spending time together.

Love you Baby Brother!

Love, Daddy.


  1. 💙 every word. I'm so happy out of all the sons out there that this one belongs to you!

  2. Oh my gosh Kris!! So sweet and tender. What a sacred experience you're having. Little Noah knew in heaven that you would come and find him, that you would be his daddy. You found him!! He is yours. You two are so sweet. And that baby boy is perfect in every single way. Thank you for sharing friend. Miss you guys

  3. I knew your grandfathers. I know your father. I know the great examples you were given and the love you received while growing up. Baby brother will Be blessed with the same.

  4. This adorable little boy is so blessed to have a dad like Kris. Win win for both sides. Lots and lots of memories to come.

  5. This adorable little boy will be blessed to have Kris as his dad. Win win for both sides. Lots and lots of special memories to come. Can't wait

  6. Kris, you are such a wonderful man. Your thoughts are so beautiful and exactly what our Heavenly Father must think about each of us. He takes us right where we are and LOVES US, wants to be near us and watch us grow. I know you will do the same with this sweet little boy! Thank you for your example of what TRUE LOVE looks like.

  7. You and Kecia have always amazed me...thank you for sharing those tender children have been drawn to you/yours for many years. Grateful for your example. We love you and wish you all the best with your newest addition!

  8. What a beautiful relationship that is.