Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter ! We woke up missing the Easter egg hunting, Easter dresses and holiday fun with the littles back home but we were able to enjoy the real meaning of Easter with our oldest girls as we attended church and walked the grounds of the temple before we headed to the orphanage to see our boy. 

In our faith, this temple is the epitome of families. It signifies faith in God, our Savior Jesus Christ and the importance of eternal families. 

So being here , on Easter , thinking of how my family is spread out across the world today made me think of an experience in the temple last spring. When the whisperings of adoption started on my heart again one of my biggest answers came at the temple , and it was very unexpected. 
I was attending the wedding of a friend and it was as if the sealer performing the ceremony was speaking directly to me as I sat their wondering if these adoption whisperings were really something I was supposed to follow. 

He began talking about adoption , which is typically not a topic for this type of wedding ceremony. He said "Adoption is a miraculous part of the lords plan for his children. We are promised we will rise on the morning of the first resurrection and when we do and we meet the lord will we look around and see empty chairs at our table?"

Do we know what the lord wants us to do ? And are we willing to do it?"

As I sobbed through his words, He went on to say "When we were born a veil was placed over our eyes , we don't remember what we saw in our pre earth life or what we knew then, 

"let us try to peel that veil back and peek at what our eternal destiny and our eternal path is"

"We have been given the great gift of agency, will we use our agency to make the choices the lord would have us?"

" Will we have courage to do things even when they are hard? " 

That day I knew that the Lord wanted adoption to be part of our family's plan again, but I did not know it was supposed to be this little boy.

So glad we could spend a little time with Noah on his first Easter today! 

We even found a bunny in the orphanage hallway to take an Easter picture with 

He looked like a little gerber doll baby today in his hat

He is starting not to flinch when he is smothered with kisses

He will be soaking up as much daddy time as possible because daddy only has one more visit with him before he has to head home on tuesday

Although it was still very cold today, the sun was out so we took a few hours to walk around and see the city

We found a delicious burger restaurant with an english menu and english speaking waitress! Hooray!

Although their way of explaining that the bathroom is both for men and women was a little interesting!

They have some very beautiful, old churchs here and we enjoyed walking around visiting two of them today

Some things didn't quite fit today ...The bench in the park made me feel like a small child with my feet hanging above the ground ha ha

And many doorways were too small for Kris

Kyra was dumbfounded by the underground mall 

One of the old gates to the city 

Kris looks a little too cute in this one 

One more day tomorrowto enjoy being here together before my better half has to go home and I stay for a few more weeks . The girls will stay for two more weeks and then go home with a friend. But sadly kris has to head back to work and I am not looking forward to having him leave.

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