Friday, March 11, 2016

The touch of love

It's Saturday morning here and I am counting down the hours till visiting time with my man again. Yesterday we were only able to see him for 30 min at the first visit and then got to go back in the evening for an hour . Today we will get 2 hours this afternoon and an hour this evening , not nearly enough time for this mamas heart

They brought him into us all bundled up and looking so adorable with his little
Blue bonnet ! He had like 4 layers on ha ha

There is a deep beauty in this boy that is waiting to be unlocked and I am so grateful we were chosen to get to hold the keys , 

This is the position he knows, laying on his back, alone 

While we were holding him last night it became so apparent that he does not know the touch of love 

We stroked his cheek softly and he winced and pulled back not knowing what that was, not knowing the touch of love 

He is quickly figuring out how to snuggle though and is a ball of adorable mush when he lays on your shoulder 

He doesn't know what a kiss is and has no expression when he is kissed or when you interact with him , because for 9 months he hasn't ever experienced that 

His hands are strong and he can hold onto objects but his legs are so weak when you hold him up he doesn't put any weight on his legs and may not even realize he has the use of them because he has never been played with

He can only hold his head up for a few min before collapsing down again 

Piglet "how do you spell love?"

Pooh "you don't spell it you feel it"

This little perfect boy has been waiting 9 months to feel love and we are so grateful to be here to start showing him what it feels like . My heart hurts so bad to know I have to leave him on Monday , and I haven't stopped crying this morning , please pray he will know that this touch of love he is beginning to feel is not the end, that it's only the beginning and that it's coming back ! A few more weeks little man and this feeling of love will never ever leave you again 


  1. We are crying with you. This boy will be protected by ministering angels in your absence, and those angels will provide him with the touch of love until your return. Sending hugs to you and Kris. Everyone who has privilege of knowing your family is praying :) ♡♡

  2. I am crying thinking of you having to leave him again, too!! I'm so happy you've found your little boy

  3. Praying for the process to go fast and for your heart. He's so sweet.

  4. Oh I am so happy for all of you. This is so Beautiful and he is Precious <3

  5. How incredibly beautiful. He is so adorable. Praying for a speedy process so you can get your little munchkin home to your family soon. He's not going to know what's not him.... so much love!

  6. Praying for you and your kids. I assume you are adopting from my country. I've been following your Instagram for some time. I have a son with DS who is also 9 months old. And this makes my eyes fill up with tears when i see pics and videos of little Noah. How awful it is that such kids are abandoned in an orphanage because of DS. I am still terrified recalling the words of a doctor right in the delivery room whether we wished to abandon our baby. So little awareness of the DS that still makes new moms leave their kids. God Bless You in your journey with the Baby Brother!

  7. You write so well. Simple sentences convey so much feeling. He is beautiful. It makes my heart ache to think of all he's missed out on for 9 months. But I know when you get him home, you'll all make up for it!