Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day one

We had our meeting with the department of adoption this morning . 

Walked into a room and saw his file sitting on the table and as we sat down and listened to the information in his file I had to fight back tears looking at his sweet face in the file picture and hearing the words "he was abandoned". We learned very little about him but even a tiny bit of info means so much. We can't share that info till after court. 

We were able to give the adoption department some pictures of Mia and our family for their wall to show them how well she is doing and the lady loved seeing them all. 

After our meeting we went to breakfast with a couple of the facilitators 
These people are amazing . They work so hard to help orphans find families and we are so thankful for them. It was fun to be able to show them Mias pictures after all these years as they were the same people who helped us with her. 

We also had the pleasure of meeting a birth mom of another little boy that was recently adopted. She was coming to meet with our facilitators to thank them for helping her find a family in America for her child . She was so emotional and was having a hard time with the reality of it all but knew that it was for his benefit and that he would not have opportunities here because of his special needs. And she couldn't thank the facilitators enough for what they had done for her. We couldn't speak much with words but I showed her pictures of our girls and their friends with Down syndrome and all the things they get to be involved in and she just cried and we hugged and cried some more . 

And now we wait until this afternoon to go back and pick up our official referral that will allow us to see baby brother tomorrow at the orphanage.  

One more day baby boy!

One more day and you will feel the love of your mommas kisses and the protection of your daddy's arms. 


  1. So excited to following your journey once again. Praying for all!

  2. I can't imagine meeting a birth mom - I cried just thinking about all those emotions she would be feeling!!! I'm amazed at the strength it would take to be in her shoes. I'm so happy you were there for her- you were I'm sure a complete answer to prayer for her in that difficult moment. ��������. I can't wait for tomorrow! I can't wait to see Noah in your arms!