Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We made it

After 19+ hours of flying and 3 airports we are here! 
We were picked up by a driver 

and taken to a store to buy a few groceries, exchange money and then to our apartment . Once we got settled it was about 5 pm local time here and we were so exhausted we totally crashed and now it's the middle of the night here and we can't sleep ha ha. Time change is so fun! 

We left the girls with special "missing dolls" while we are away. They are called mooskha dolls which made me think of matryoshka dolls so I thought they were fitting . 

I have my good luck necklace on from a friend. It's a world and I love it because until this baby is home I have children in two parts of the world 

It's so crazy to think that we are here! Right in the city where our baby is ! And he has no idea we are so close! 

Each time our plane took off I would get emotional thinking about how real this is now and how close we are to him!

In the final hours , Adoption carries with it much of the same feelings as pregnancy does . 
As I prepare for Friday when I will finally meet this little boy , I have so many emotions and many are just the same as when I was about to give birth to my biological children .

I feel anxious
Wondering what he will think of me and how he will react to us . Will he cuddle with me or will he be nervous? Will he look like the pictures? Will I recognize him?

I feel gratitude 
For the path that has led us here. For the abundance of love and support we have felt through this that bouys us up. Leaving the safety of your home and country is not an easy thing and knowing that so many are praying for us is a huge blessing. And without the help of so many we would not be here now. 

I feel love
The kind of love you can't describe in words. The kind of love that comes from a much higher power, and is the driving force behind leaving our 6 girls to fly around the world and find this little boy. The kind of love that reminds us that we are doing all of this for one of gods children. ONE little boy is worth it and he needs to know that. 
It's going to be a crazy tough 6 weeks being torn between children at home and another child here and having to go back and forth between home and here , but it will be worth it in the end. Love from Heavenly Father that reminds me that I would move mountains to get to any of my girls if they were across the world and alone , so I have to do this for our boy now. 

I feel some sadness
That same sadness that comes when any new baby comes into the family and you look at your current baby(in my case babies)and realize they will no longer be the baby and that changes things as they will take on a new role within the family . 

I feel excitement 
That the day is almost here.
People often refer to adoption as a "paper pregnancy" because you don't actually carry the child, but for months you are working your tail off doing paperwork and giving every ounce of time and energy you have to getting to that baby. I have felt just as excited throughout this "paper pregnancy" as I have through any of my other pregnancies. I love that our church recognized that and put this cute pregnancy announcement on our ward newsletter 

And this baby is as real to me as if I was carrying him inside and the excitement I feel to meet him in two days is off the charts! Soon he will be more then just a picture , soon I will be holding a real little boy in my arms . 

We will have our appointment to see his file tomorrow and then we will hopefully be able to pick up his referral in time to meet him Friday morning ! 


  1. This is so amazing and I am so grateful you are sharing your journey with us once again. I adore your sweet and amazing family. Prayers for a speedy six weeks! <3

  2. I am beyond excited for your family! Thank you for sharing your journey.

  3. I am so excited for you! You and your family are amazing! Thanks for being such an uplifting example to us all! And small world Tiffany's (pats wife) cousin lives in my ward! She was talking about how their story and I was like, wait a minute, this sounds familiar. I then told her how it was my friends adoption that inspired them. Lol small world! She happened to miss our Christmas Dinner or we probably would have put it together then.

  4. So excited to read this. Tears in my eyes!!! Can't wait to see your Noah in your arms! Love love love! Prayers for things to go smoothly over the next 6 weeks.