Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Something was off today

I don't think our Little man was feeling good today and was just moaning and uncomfortable during our visit  .... Broke my heart 

To hold him and not know what was causing him discomfort or what he needed made me so sad 

He was moaning as if he was trying to tell us he was not feeling well....cutest little voice

It's weird having a baby suddenly become yours and yet you have all these things you don't know about them . You have no idea what they eat, or how often they eat? 

You have no idea when they sleep? How often they sleep? What their noises are 
signaling ? What they like to soothe them? 

But you can tell when something is off and today something was just off with our baby bear 

It's rather impossible to know if he has a temperature due to all the layers but he was sweating more then usual so he made have had a little one 

His breathing seemed so labored and struggling that I finally decided to go outside and find our driver to come in and translate to the caregiver that we were concerned 

The way he was breathing and how he sounded , if I was at home I would have taken him into a doctor but here I still don't have control of him and his needs yet , so we called it to their attention and they said they were aware and that it was still from being sick but they would check him and watch him . 

We got him to sleep and he rested with us most of the visit 

It's always hard handing him back after the visit but when he seems sick it's even harder but I am so grateful that for the first time in his life he had some one to love him and cuddle him when he wasn't feeling well.... Even if for just a few hours 

At least for a short time maybe he felt for the first time, what every child should feel when they are sick.....a little extra love from momma 

Praying he feels better tomorrow and stays strong until we can get him home to our doctors for full checkups 

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