Tuesday, March 22, 2016

We made it

As I left our house for the airport Monday morning in a mess of tears saying goodbye to my girls , I looked into baby brothers empty room that we have been looking at for months and realized that it won't be empty much longer . And this will all be worth it. 

It was Adries first time flying , 

 Quite the long first trip .... 3 different planes totaling 21 hours 

Layover in New York 

Flight to Paris 
Last flight to our boys country . 

We arrived at 5pm local time and were all so exhausted we fell asleep for 12 hours and woke up at 5:30 am here ha ha.

 It's Wednesday here and we can hardly wait to get over to the orphanage and see our boy , but first we will have court this morning at 11.

Today is the day we will stand in front of a judge in a foreign country and tell them why we want this little boy. 

A foreign country that doesn't understand why we would come all this way, and go through all that we have for a boy with special needs. 

We will tell them that he is worth it, 
That he is worth life and love , and that he deserves to thrive .

That he has a family of 6 sisters, a mom and dad, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents , and friends who are ready to love him and care for him 
That he has countless people already cheering him on and praying for him from afar

Today we will pray for the judge to make official what we have felt in our hearts from the moment we saw this little man , that he belongs with us, forever. 

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