Friday, March 4, 2016

The Plan

Many people have asked how things work from here so I thought I would explain the tentative plan.

We will leave here Tuesday and arrive in his country Wed. Then Thursday we will have our government agency appointment where we are given his file and a referral to go meet him. We should be able to meet him Friday morning. Then we will stay for a few days and visit him at the orphanage and then we will fly home the following week.

Sadly, not with him yet

We then wait to hear a court date which can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks out. Then we will fly back over for court. I will then stay in country until I bring him home, Kris will only be there for about a week. After court is through there is a 10 day waiting period before the adoption is official and once that 10 day wait is over then there is another 10-14 days of final processing, paperwork at the embassy and getting his passport and visa before we can travel home.

I have been emotional as I have been scrambling to prepare to leave.
Cant believe in one week we will meet the little boy who stole or hearts!

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