Friday, April 22, 2016

One week HOME

 Just one week ago our family was separated by country borders and across an ocean

 My husband and 6 girls sat anxiously waiting at the airport
 for our arrival

surrounded by family and friends they waited and waited

 for the long anticipated arrival of baby Noah

With signs made with love and open arms....

lots of open arms
They waited .....people who have loved him before they met him

people who have prayed and sacrificed and served on his behalf

people who believed

he was worth it

All waiting at the finish line 

Ready to change a little boys world forever 

Finally the moment we had all been praying for arrived



Noah was HOME




Walking around that corner and seeing my family and friends and knowing we were home is a feeling I will never forget

 It felt like what I imagine heaven feels like

An abundance of love

A feeling of belonging 
 a sense of knowing who you are and where you are supposed to be

 I felt as though I could barely stand up I was so overcome with emotion
 An overwhelming feeling of relief to see my whole world together in one little circle

 Almost 5 years ago Mia was in Noah's shoes....she was coming home 
 Watching Mia on the welcoming end of this journey was extra emotional
 With tears in my eyes, I watched as she softly welcomed him home,  Knowing she spent 4 1/2 years, 4 times as long as Noah, in the same circumstances as we just brought him out of
 it's a connection that doesn't need words
 these two will always share a special bond in knowing what it feels like to be lost
 and also what it feels like to be found

 The tears on Kyra's face as she welcomed him home spoke volumes
 Little does Noah know how long ago Kyra was hoping and praying him here
 we laughed when she told us years ago that she wanted us to adopt a little brother with down syndrome
 and here he is now
 safe in the arms of his oldest sister

 When I got the chance to really hug Kris, I didn't want to let go. 

I have never felt so safe and so grateful to be in that moment.....home 

I could finally let the weight of the world,

the weight of this little boy's world,
be lifted from my shoulders
we had done it


we had brought him home

As we woke Noah from his sleep getting off the plane, he had no idea what was waiting for him outside that terminal

 His entire world was waiting through those gates

His entire world was about to change

One week ago, Noah landed in America

 The moment he walked through the customs terminal, he became a citizen of the United States,

And so much more 
 He also became a loved son,


  He became a grandson

  He became a brother





  He became a nephew

  He became a neighbor


He became a friend  

He became a cousin

He came HOME

And as we drove up to our home and saw the trees lining the street covered in yellow ribbons,
the banners and balloons surrounding our home
and the pictures of our journey
 and our boy
Spread all throughout the house 

it was the perfect welcome
for this perfect little boy

Of all the amazing pictures that captured this day so well, my favorite moment was this one

Tucking this little boy safely into his very own bed, in his very own home, with his very own family

And every night for the past week, I tuck him safely into bed and my heart is full

it brings a whole new meaning to the term safe and sound

No longer alone

No longer staring at a ceiling

no longer ignored

no longer afraid
no longer unwanted

All the sleepless nights of worry
(This blanket was Kris's when he was a baby) 

All the stress of paperwork

All the questions and what if's?

All the hours of preparation 

All the travel

All the fundraising

All the days away from loved ones

All the unsure moments and tears
All of it was worth it

  Because He is totally worth it

He is HOME

and He is


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  1. He is precious beyond words!! You have such a beautiful family. You are all so very blessed.
    Susan from Boston