Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another day

Noah is takin it back to my childhood with his outfit today with the Mr, Men and Little Miss characters on it. 

I loved these books and characters ! 

Super glad we have this tiny stroller here because navigating a stroller here is tricky. No ramps and LOTS of stairs ! Sidewalks are often cobblestone and there are potholes everywhere , so we carry the stroller a lot but he doesn't love being cuddled in the bjorn for very long so this is the better option 

We had lunch at tequila house and when we asked our waitress to take our picture she said "sure" and then came back with a full ensemble of Mexican awesomeness .... Wow ! We had no idea what we got ourselves into there! 

It's funny that since being here for a month I have now become quite used to the unique ways of the city , like the underground world of shops underneath the roads ....julie is still not so sure about it all though! Ha ha but she found some good souvenirs to take home !

We walked ALOT today up many steep steep hills and were wiped out when we got home so we have just had a lazy evening at home

ordered dominos pizza delivery instead of going back out again . I have learned that our motto in Ukraine is "you never know what you are going to get " and tonight lived up to that too when we ordered our dominos and asked for Sprite , assuming it was a 2 liter and it wa just one small can that came with our large pizza ha ha. Gotta love it! 

Freshly bathed little dude is the best 

Sometimes I have to force him to snuggle because he would rather be alone on his back , so anytime he willingly snuggles , even if it's for just a few minutes , I will take it! 

My favorite thing he does is when he holds onto my chin or my neck with his little hands and snuggles in for a minute

He is so out of sorts with usual routine of sleeping most the day and just existing , that he doesn't really know what to do with himself sometimes and tonight for a little while it caught up to him and he had a little meltdown , poor guy. 

For some reason he hasn't slept hardly at all today and has had a very sad evening crying more then he ever has, I think he is just overly exhausted but he only sleeps for like 10 min here and there in the stroller as we are out and then if we are here he doesn't sleep at all until bedtime. 

I am sure once we are home and he has a new regular routine he will get it down but he seems out of sorts with it today 

But even out of sorts he is still the cutest and sweetest little munchkin 

Passport did not come today as we had hoped so praying it comes tomorrow so we can head home Friday !! 


  1. He is absolutely adorable! I can't wait until he meets his little sisters.

  2. praying that you are all home soon! Little mister gets cuter and sweeter by the minute. Safe travels!

  3. Praying. I cant even imagine what his little mind is thinking. It must be so confusing and you are so patient and loving?

  4. Dear Kecia, I stumbled upon you via Instagram many weeks ago. Noah's little face grabbed my attention and I was smitten from that first moment. I've followed your posts daily and look forward to this each evening. As an adoptee myself, and one who nearly adopted some 8 years ago, your story is dear to my heart. I lost 3 babies in my quest to become a mom, and while preparing to adopt, I became pregnant. I was fortunate to have a healthy baby boy despite my advanced age (44). I worried immensely about having a child with Down's Syndrome as I was sure I could never manage it. Following your story has taught me so much and if I were younger, I'd surely consider this path as well. You are an inspiration and a wonderful example of how we should all live. Watching this wee boy begin to shine as we see from those early pictures to the recent ones where he smiles and comes alive has made me a believer in the power of love. Kudos to you and your family and thank you for sharing your story with us all. I am richer for having this opportunity to follow you on your journey. I hope you will continue to share Noah with us as he blossoms into an amazing young boy.

  5. Dear Kecia
    I have been following your story for many weeks now - since I first saw wee Noah's picture on your Instagram page. I was instantly smitten and riveted to your story. Something grabbed me and has not let go. As an adoptee myself, who came close to adopting some 8 years ago, your story has special interest for me. After 3 miscarriages we decided to adopt, but the planets aligned and I carried a healthy baby boy to full term at 44 years old. We never did adopt, but your story makes me wish that I were younger and could adopt a wee Noah. My son would love a baby brother and you've taught me so very much about Down's Syndrome. I feared having a Down's baby at my advance maternal age, but now I see stories like yours and realize what a gift this can be.
    You and your family are inspirations to us all and are shining examples of how we could all be in this life.
    Watching your wee Noah begin to shine over these recent few days is a powerful testament to the power of love, family and kindness. Thank you for sharing your journey with me and I truly hope to follow along as Noah's grows into a strong little boy.