Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our missing piece

Our pieces to our family puzzle have been spread out across the ocean and around the world for the last few months. 

Until a year ago ,  I assumed my family  puzzle was complete 

Then I started to realize there was a piece missing, 

A piece in a foreign country , in an orphanage . 

we have now traveled back and forth across the ocean to our missing piece , and in the process I have had to leave pieces of my puzzle spread out around the world 

I said a tearful goodbye early this morning as I sent a few more of my precious puzzle pieces home . 

Step by step we have moved towards completing our puzzle and we are almost there .

We are wiggling and turning that last piece now and very soon that missing piece will be locked in place

Soon I will have have all my pieces back together 

Very soon we will be the completed puzzle picture the lord knew we should be all along . 

The girls didn't miss one second of cuddling their baby brother as we explored with him for his first day in the city and their last day  

Visited with our friend Alex at the souvenir shops 

Ate one last meal with the girls at star burger , one of their favorites 

Attempting to sit up ha ha, didn't go very well 

Oh how grateful I am for this friend who has been here to help and is now taking my girls home , and the other friend on her way now to be here with me for the final week of our journey home 

We spent some time in the sunshine on the grass and he was so content laying and kicking in the open air 

Although the sun was a little bright for his eyes. 

He was very content and just went with the flow all day 

Very grateful for the time these two have been able to spend here, they have been forever changed because of it

We ate dinner at a new restaurant 

When We walked out of the restaurant and it was dark outside and his eyes got big and curious as he looked up at the night sky.... A night sky he had never seen before 

All of this was part of the puzzle all along

Long before we knew we were missing a piece 

He was always part of our puzzle 

And we are oh so close to having our pieces all back together 


  1. Oh I would so like to see the completed puzzle one day and meet lil' Noah. Your family inspires me! Thanks for letting us be a part of it by sharing your story. God bless you all!
    And, God bless each child who still awaits a loving family and a place to call home.

  2. Oh goodness, crying!!!! Thanks for sharing this story. can't wait for this little one to meet the rest of his sisters and family.

  3. You can definitely see his gaze has changed!! Thanks again for taking us along, and please continue to share!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️I look forward to reading your blog and looking at your Instagram updates!!

  4. Don't be so certain your puzzle is complete, your family comes in pairs after all! 😉