Monday, April 4, 2016

You're only a day away

Today we arrived at our visit and they told us we were going to be walking down the street with Noah to get his passport photos taken . We were so excited to take him outside the gates for a few minutes 

We walked outside with him and he squinted at the sunlight . The orphanage is kept very dark so this was an adjustment for him ha ha 

They had him all bundled up for us and had made sure to put a nice clean outfit on for his photo 

He was so tired 

The passport photo had lots of photo shop editing going on ha ha. 

On the walk back it was sunny and warm and he fell asleep on my shoulder. My heart melted as he was so at peace cuddled on my shoulder enjoying the sun and fresh air 

When we got back to the orphanage they let us sit outside and enjoy the sunshine today . 

Nothing better then a nap in the warmth of the sun ! 

As a kid one of my favorite songs was "tomorrow" from Annie and I couldn't help but think of that song today as we sat outside with our boy soaking up the sun and thinking about his life here 

The sun will come out tomorrow 

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow 

There'll be sun 

The sun will come out tomorrow 

So you gotta hang on till tomorrow 

Come what may 

Tomorrow , 


I love ya, 

tomorrow ...

You're only a day away ....



I love ya , 

Tomorrow , 

Little buddy,  

You're only a day away 

From a whole new life ! 

If all goes as planned we will be running around most the day doing paperwork . Getting the court decree , birth certificate etc, and then hopefully be able to go get him out of the orphanage in the afternoon or evening !!! 

It's very surreal that this day is almost here !!! Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day!! 

This is our amazing driver and new friend Natalya . She has gone above and beyond helping us find things we need and making us feel comfortable here and we love and appreciate her so much!!

She even found us a place to get my shattered phone screen fixed (it may have been badly damaged yesterday , no need to mention names 😉)

We had dinner and delicious dessert at Oliva to end our day 

Can't beat the inexpensive desserts here ! Only $2 and they were delish !!


  1. Once again, I finished reading your post and my heart is full and a lump is in my throat. Someday, I hope to meet you. You and your family are heroes in my book! I want to hug Mia and squish Noah. And hug you and your girls like there's no
    tomorrow and even hug that kind hubby of yours!
    I have always loved the song"Tomorrow" as well. ( I was singing it to myself as you posted the words with pictures. LOL)
    Tomorrow is so full of hope. Not only will I cross my fingers that everything works out smoothly tomorrow, but you will be in our prayers.
    Thank you for the hundredth time for what you do. Several years ago, we really thought about adopting from Eastern Europe as well. Even got the paper work. But as I prayed about it, Heavenly Father made it very clear that I was doing what He needed me to be doing. We were taking in troubled teens. Usually had 3 at a time. That was my calling and we did it for several years and were able to help them get their lives on course. But there's always been a tender spot in my heart for the children that have little hope in the future.
    By the way...I have also enjoyed seeing the precious pictures of your 2 oldest daughters with Noah. They are truly amazing.... And normal. I had to giggle at the picture of the younger daughter ( sorry I can't remember their names) it's sticking her tongue 👅 out! Hahaha
    God bless you and I can hardly wait to read your post tomorrow and see it if everything went through.
    Hugs and prayers sent your way, Detra Borner ❤ we

  2. Adrie's photo faces are sure on point. 😉😂 I can't even wait to see you guys bust him out of those gates for good!!!

  3. What a special and hopefully wonderful day (tomorrow which is already now)!! Thinking of you and praying for you!