Monday, April 11, 2016

His hands

This morning was the first morning since having Noah that we didn't have to be out of the house at a certain time so we slept in a little 

And snuggled in bed for little bit 

This little angel just lays in his bed in the morning making cute little noises until someone comes in to get him and doesn't even fuss 

He is a little peanut 

And does not enjoy the bath at all - they don't bathe at the orphanage , rather just sponge washes , so bathing is sometimes a big adjustment after an orphanage 

You may have noticed that Noah often has his hands up near his face like this 
(And he has THE cutest little hands ever!) 

Although it is super cute watching him with his little hands, the reason he does it is so sad . Because it's a reminder to me that for 10 months that's all he had ... His hands 

Playing with his hands , watching his hand above his face, and watching his hand hit his head repeatedly, are the only thing he saw for 10 months.... That was his world 

For 310 days the only entertainment, or stimulation he had, was his hands or his mouth noises (we call it his duck call) The only way he could soothe himself . They are all he knows and he knows they have been constant in his world 

I have been trying to hold his hand when he I notice he has been doing his hand hitting for a long time and I try to take his hand in mine and smile in those big eyes of his and assure him that I am constant in his life now . 

Tried some kicks on him and he didn't know what to think of something on his feet 

He is a champ when we are out and about and he is just content and chill 

I have been in Ukraine for almost a month and still no one wants to try the ramen burger .... So disappointing ha ha 

We got out late and couldn't decide if we wanted breakfast or lunch so we had both 

First time using the pay restrooms 

On the Homefront kris is handling his double duties as mom and dad extremely well it appears. I was told kris cooked a delicious dinner with the help of his little kitchen side kick Mia 

Oh how we love this girl , it's not been all easygoing for any of us but as my friend said "It's been one of life's greatest privileges to watch as God makes the sad things come untrue in her life." 

and being here reminds me again of just how much she really survived during her orphanage years . Just how many sad things she lived through . I have an even deeper appreciation for our babushka when I am here. 
She spent 1,610 days alone in an orphanage. She is one strong little spirit and I know she and Noah will complete each other being in our family together . 

The first thing she said when we explained we were adopting this little boy last fall was "I feed him" and every single time she talks about him she says "I feed him" ..... Coming from Mia that is true love , cause she means business with food , and used to hoard her food when she came home , and all she wants to do for Noah is feed him 

I have a love for this city 

We had such an enjoyable evening with this new friend we met at church , Annalee and her family . They are Americans and are living here with the embassy right now and it was so nice to visit with them and eat a home cooked meal. 

Noah met a friend today . This little buddy is only 5 months old and was 3 times bigger then Noah ha ha 

We are hoping to know more tomorrow about our exit plan for Thursday or Friday so we will post when we know details because we would welcome anyone to the airport who has been part of Noah's miracle and would like to be there to welcome him home .  


  1. I wish I lived near you so that I could welcome you both home!!! 😆But I live in CA...unless your might be making a stop at the LAX??? Lol 😆Tfs and sending lots of love, peace and prayers your way!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Another beautiful and inspirational post. I love little Noah's hands as well. I adore the way he studies them... But like you wrote it's abit sad knowing they are all head had to entertain himself. Boy, is all that going to change with he gets home, with 6 big sisters! I will enjoy watching him grow WTH ask that love being poured out! I have enjoyed watching Mia grow, smile and even make messes. Something so healthy and normal. Praying that you get your visa. But I truly believe if there are delays, there is greater purpose. That's the wonderful things about having absolute trust in a Loving Heavenly Father. ❤ Hugs, Detra Borner