Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday best

Dressed up in his Sunday best for the first time today and I can't even handle the cuteness of this boy ! 

His little hand is the sweetest and has a very prominent simien crease ( a marker of Down syndrome ) 

"Frequently we are too quick to criticize, too prone to judge, and too ready to abandon an opportunity to help, to lift, and, yes, even to save. "

" A few see beyond the outward appearance and recognize the true worth of a human soul"

"When they do, miracles occur."

"True love can alter human lives and change human nature."

Slept on the way to church 

It was so fun to get to say goodbye and show Noah to some of the great people I have met at church here the last few weeks 

I love that the church building is next to the temple 
Attending church today we were able to hear the rebroadcast of one of the sessions of the LDS general conference. Out of all the sessions we could have heard today, this one had an added personal meaning to us. We were both emotional as we heard the words of our sweet friends father , Elder Johnson, as he spoke of our beautiful friend Alisa, who passed away almost a year ago from cancer. With tears streaming down our faces we listened to him share Alisas words and testimony , he said "With an eye of faith, I picture Alisa completely beyond the reach of any earthly troubles or any sting of death--a resurrected, perfected Alisa, victorious and with a fulness of joy." She was one of my cheerleaders through Mias adoption and I am sure she has been cheering us on from the other side this time around. I have felt Alisa near a few times during this journey as I imagined her smiling down at this baby boy and the eternal life he is beginning . 

It's so bright out here mom ! 

Slept again on the way home from church (ready to have a car seat for him cause I am so nervous every time we drive with him here!) 

Stretching out after church 

When you find a MAC makeup store in Kiev and they speak English you try out some new lip colors of course 

He is holding his head up so much better 

I am amazed at how much he is doing just in the last few days of being out of the orphanage 

He rolls all over the place ...,even ended up under the couch ha ha 

The best part of the day , 
He sweats a lot when he eats cause he has to work so hard to swallow and breath ....poor guy 

Kris sent me these pictures and said "I built Noah's closet yesterday so now the room is put back together and ready to welcome our boy home !" 


  1. He is truly precious. Thank you for sharing. The lip color is beautiful on both of you pretty ladies. And as much as I enjoy seeing him cuddled as you ride along, I'll be relieved as well when he's in a car seat! Hugs Detra

  2. Noah is beyond adorable in his Sunday best. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. Can't wait for the moment that you're all united as a family!