Thursday, April 7, 2016

A whole new world

Hi, my name is Noah , or so that's what these new people who entered my life a few weeks ago are telling me, they speak a different language then I am used to hearing but something feels different and good having them around 

A few days ago my life changed ...a lot. 
When I left the only place I have ever known ...

This morning I got to sleep in as long as I wanted, and then mom (that's what they call her) and I went in the car for awhile 

We went back to where I used to live to pick up the director and took him to the bank to sign over my bank account (I have a little money in there ) as a donation to the orphanage . He told us how much he appreciated that because it will help buy more food for my friends still at the orphanage.

Mom likes to take lots of pictures of me and I am starting to figure out this smiling thing a little more 

I was a little sad not to see the other two girls here today ...I think they are called my sisters and they liked to fight over who got to hold me 

I heard my sisters got a nice welcome home when they arrived back today though

I am starting to realize I am allowed to express my emotions a little 

You see , for the last 10 months my life has pretty much been the same exact thing every single day , 

Same routine , same view around me ...often that view was just the ceiling above me or my hand waving in front of me , I feel like I was living in a daze 

But now I am starting to see a whole new world , it feels like I've opened my eyes again 

And I feel something different inside , 

I have merely been surviving for the last 10 months , not thriving 

But now I am beginning to feel like I belong , 

And I can feel myself starting to come alive 

A little more every day 

This mom lady likes to smile at me ... A lot! And she was super happy that I am starting to smile back at her 

I never knew I could do this smiling thing 

My most comfortable place is just laying here on my back alone, because that is what I have been used to all my life 

But I am beginning to see that it feels pretty good to be held and loved now too

It sounds like there is much more to life then I have known so far 

Mom is trying to help me figure out how to drink my bottle without choking , but it feels like that might take awhile to get the hang of

Tomorrow I get to have a medical appointment and an appointment at the embassy 

Another step that has to happen for me to go to this new place called home 

Mom keeps telling me there are lots of people waiting at home who are going to love me too

I think I am going to like this thing they call love 

Moms friend Jeana left today to go to this place called home and she took my sisters there too so it was quiet around here and I had time with just mom this afternoon 

Later today another friend of moms came to help mom out . My mom is sure lucky to have friends like these 

I decided to spit up all over mom and myself before dinner so I could try out this new outfit ... Mom says it fits me ...,

She says I am perfect 

I get to go outside more now and tonight I rode in my stroller to dinner and sat there so quiet and perfect holding my monkey friend through dinner 

Mom says this is another one of her friends who loves me and has been praying for me for months to come home 

And she traveled a very long way to cuddle me and help my mom get me home next week 

I showed her exactly how cute I am before bed 

I have been having a hard time sleeping much the last few days with this new routine 

There is just way too much to see around me now.... And my mom keeps telling me this is just the beginning 

The days seem much brighter then they used to be 


  1. He just melts my heart!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Such a touching narrative, Kecia. Thank you.

  3. I think he's gonna like it here! (Home)

  4. Noah is precious. I've been following your journey for a few weeks and I'm
    So glad I did! Your obedience to Christ is bringing Him glory and giving your precious children and many others hope. You reflect the Father's heart so well.
    God put it on my heart a few years ago to adopt children with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe one day and I cannot wait until He says, "It's go time!"
    You're an inspiration. Truly. Your family is beautiful and sweet Noah is so lucky to have you all!

  5. Thank you again so much for sharing! Can`t wait to follow little Noahs journey as he comes home! He`s adorable!!!

  6. I was looking for a new blog post but was even more thrilled to get to see these darling darling pictures of him again. Makes my heart ache for the people there who don't see this potential and pure sweetness.

  7. I'm loving your whole story!
    About the feeding and choking...My son had to be held kind of sideways to feed with the bottle, so he wouldn't aspirate. I think we held him sideways, with a hand under his head (ear), and a few of those fingers supporting his jaw and lips. It would get messy, but he had a floppier than normal airway and we had to prevent aspiration since he already had a heart issue.
    Also, I think you already mentioned it, but please make sure your pediatrician back in the States does a thorough check of Noah's heart. When he was sick and sweated a lot one of the times you visited him, that made me nervous. I'm not a professional, but have been through a lot with my son.
    We are SO excited for you and your family! Noah is a very lucky boy and you are all so lucky to have him!

  8. I can't wait to see you guys and hear about everything in person! I love Noah's hands, they're just like Bree and Mia's. 😍