Monday, April 11, 2016

Adventures in the city -rewind

Just found this post from when kris was here that I never posted showing some of our adventures in the city 
When kris was here it was super cold 

We stayed in one apartment the week kris and I were here and then 3 different apartments while the girls were with us due to scheduling conflicts 

All of them have been right in the city which was nice for exploring and walking  to restaurants 

Independence square

An early morning walk to McDonald's for breakfast 

Mama mias was one of our go to restaurants and the girls liked it because there were couch seats 

All the elevators here are right out of Hollywood tower of terror and kris barely fits in them! 

Our second apartment with the girls 

It was cold and snowy/rainy most of the time kris was here 

Adrie loved the cute little vanity in her room in the second apartment 

The lobby of our second apartment 

Kris trying to get all the diapers for the orphanage out to the car 

Adrie found the candy shop 

Our drive to and from the orphanage each day was about 30-40 minutes each way 

And sometimes we got a little stir crazy 

Miss these crazies ! 

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