Saturday, April 2, 2016

Love makes miracles

We found this handmade picture at an exhibit here and when I heard what it says I knew I had to have it ...

"Love makes miracles "

(And in the stars is written twins on one star and girl and boy in the others) 

A miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyway

It seemed impossible for us to travel this road again and to fall in love with a little boy worlds away through a single picture 

It seemed impossible to come up with the means and the way to get to him in a timely manner 

It seemed impossible to understand how something.....someone was calling us to action 

It seemed impossible to this little boys birth mom that God would really be able to hear her prayers and that those prayers would be answered 

 It seemed impossible that at some points of the timeline where the birth mom was literally pleading with God for this boy's life to be saved , I was simultaneously overcome with emotion knowing that our Savior was speaking to me and that there was an urgency to follow in faith ..... Even though it seemed impossible 

And we have surely witnessed the impossible happen for this little boy , 

From the countless prayers of people on his behalf, to the generous donations and fundraising that got us to him, to the many people helping with our children at home now and cheering us on from afar, to the lives we have connected with throughout this, to the way the timeline has fallen into place , to the sacred spiritual experiences we have had here .... 

it's an amazing miracle to witness gods hand saving a child 

We have witnessed miracles 

Miracles made possible because of love 

 Today we had the pleasure of another visit with Noah's birth mom. The spirit of the Lord was again tangible in the room as I held my sweet boy and listened to her express again how grateful she is to us for hearing her prayers and coming for him. 

She told me that she can "see he is glad now, he is changed "

I felt my Saviors love for us all as she said 
"I believe you are his mother, I know you are. I know now that I was meant to bring him (Noah) here so he could be connected to you, his mother, so he could be connected to his family. God needed me to be the way to his family"

Our Heavenly Father has a divine plan for us all and we have had sacred moments witnessing that truth here. Witnessing miracles that only our Heavenly Father could orchestrate. 
remember at the first of this journey while I was struggling to know whether I should act on my feelings for this boy and feeling sooo strong from the beginning that if I didn't act on the feelings I was having that I would forever regret it. That I would forever wonder what would have come had I listened. Now I am eternally grateful to be on this end and KNOW without a doubt that faith preceded this miracle. 

As we said goodbye to his birth mom today she left us with a letter she wrote to us. She wanted Kris to be able to know her thoughts too even though he is not here with me and kris and I were able to share it together on the phone after I left the orphanage today, and even though we are on different sides of the world we both felt overwhelmed with our Saviors love together reading this special letter. 
This letter she gave us will forever be one of our most sacred, treasured possessions and another witness of Gods love for each of his children. A written testament that love makes miracles. 

I have worn this necklace through this journey to remember Noah even if he was across the world , so today I gave it to our new friend (his birth mom) so she can now wear it and remember this boy is loved beyond measure across the world . To remember that Heavenly Father is real and he loves us. 

One of my favorite children's hymns declares the truths we have witnessed first hand through this little boy 

"I am a child of God ...

and he has sent me here 

has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear. 

"Lead me guide me walk beside me help me find the way, teach me all that I must do to live with him someday. "

Adoption is a miraculous part of Gods plan for his children because it grants all children the blessing of a family, when they otherwise wouldn't have had it. 

This angelic boy has opened the windows of heaven for us all 

"I sometimes realize Noah is an angel that was sent by God to teach people to love " said his birth mom 

Yes....yes he is 


I am so thankful for this sweet friend who traveled around the world to be here this week with me so I wouldn't be alone . She offered to do this for us and then arranged her family to make it happen so she could be here . She is amazing and we are so grateful she is here to help the next few days 

We found a Mexican restaurant today ...yay!

Chips and salsa never tasted so good ! 


  1. Oh so good to have your friend come! To have the companionship, the security of a backup adult, the chance to share in person what you're experiencing..... And the blessing of knowing the birth mom's heart and to give her the blessing of knowing her child will be well loved. Mmmmm. Precious!

  2. Noah is an absolute miracle and such a beautiful gift from God. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. The words from his birth mother are so touching. What a beautiful blessing this sweet boy is!