Sunday, April 17, 2016

Welcome home video

Our amazingly talented friend put this video together for us and it is beautiful ! He had done our homecoming video for Mia. He asked us a few weeks ago what song we wanted when he did this one and we sat in the orphanage holding Noah and listening to different songs on our phone one day. I had never heard this song before and the minute it came on I started sobbing,  as I held Noah in the visiting room at the orphanage and pictured the moment when he would leave that building and the moment he would be welcomed home ! So this song, this video, and this moment was just as it should be for this sweet boy.
As I embraced my husband and my children at the airport and had Noah safe inside our circle, I physically and emotionally collapsed as I felt a flood of relief that this moment was here! I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders knowing we had done it and we were all together at last. 

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