Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Details of gotcha day

Yesterday was a long crazy day and although I posted a video I wanted to write down the details for us to remember too. 

We were all so excited preparing his clothes the night before 

When we adopted Mia we asked the orphanage if we could trade an outfit for the one we met her in so we could have it for memory , so we asked if we could do the same with Noah but chose this outfit that we loved seeing him in. 

We spent the majority of the day like this..... Either sitting in the car 

Or following niko around doing the paper chase for 8 hours ! Luckily our facilitation team is awesome and knows the ins and outs !

We finished the paper chase just in time and were able to head to the orphanage . 
It was such a surreal feeling to be there not just to visit but to take our boy HOME! 

Pic of entering .....

Even though he didn't know love here at the orphanage , they did care for him enough to sustain him until we found him and for that we are grateful to them. And I always wish I could communicate that better to them.  It was even a little  emotional for the director as he said goodbye to Noah , he held his hand and didn't let go for a few minutes . 

As we walked outside in the sunshine and fresh air I felt a wave of love and security sweep over me as I looked into his little face and realized he was free 

The caregivers all commented that he was "an American boy now with his jeans and jacket " ha ha 

The car ride away from the orphanage is such an emotional , surreal experience . Here we are holding this innocent little babe who has never been out of his orphanage walls , 
And what seems on the surface like a simple car ride is much more. 
It's the gateway to a world of opportunity for this little man 

He is leaving behind a life of keeping him alone and hidden away 

And starting a life where he will be able to thrive and shine 

He peacefully fell asleep on the car ride home .... He is safe and sound now 

Jeana said it well "this is a sacred work as one of God's children has now been placed in the arms of a loving mother (and soon father ) to live eternally in their love " 

We made it back to the apartment and cuddled him till he woke up 

We couldn't wait to FaceTime daddy with him in our arms and daddy said " So awesome to see him in your arms. Wow, the day is finally here. I can't believe it. So happy! "

When we tried to feed him the first time it was very difficult and pulled at our heartstrings as we watched him struggle, not wanting to eat 

First time we have even seen him cry. 
Taking him away from his routine and all he has ever known will still be an adjustment , even though it's for the better, it's still unfamiliar to him 

Thank goodness Jeana was here to help with our eating crisis ... Kind of overwhelming for our little man for awhile 

Getting around the city with a babe and a stroller is a little tricky ! 
 Steps all along the sidewalks and pot holes and such. It's an adventure ! 

When we took Mia out of the orphanage her first meal was at McDonald's so we kept the tradition alive (even though Noah didn't eat the food) 

And kris wanted to be a part of it and sent us a picture of his Mcdonald meal later that day and said "it's  like we were connected through the Golden Arches for his first meal as a free world citizen. Haha"

After dinner we headed home for his first bath, which he wasn't too sure of , but this sweet little guy has been taught not to cry so if he starts to cry he immediately stops and holds it in 

My favorite picture of any child that goes from orphan to family is the first freshly bathed, in their own clean pajamas for photo . It symbolizes to me so much about leaving behind an old life and starting a new. 

And then after trying all evening to get him to eat, he did it!! He settled in and trusted me to care for his needs and it was a sweet moment . 

Played a little before bed 

I couldn't go to sleep and I kept going in to his room in the apartment and just watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful and my heart was full! 

One less orphan in the world, and it's a beautiful treasure .


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It's just wonderful!
    Did you change your plans so that your daughters can stay longer together with you? When will you return home?
    All the best to all of you!!

  2. I love reading every word of your journey! Noah is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen and I love the pictures of the girls with him! You have some great girls!! Good luck on the reat of your adventure and travels home!!