Sunday, May 15, 2016

Blessing day

As I prepared the house this morning for Noah's blessing luncheon I was completely overcome with emotion as I set out his pictures 

The tears just flowed as I thought of his little life

His giant spirit in this oh so tiny body

and the miracles that have made up his story so far

This boy is exactly what his name means... "peace"

He has a calmness and a peace about his countenance that is beyond explanation

As I dressed him in white and prepared to take him to church to receive a blessing from his dad, it really hit me what this day means to this little boy

Not even two months ago, he had no one,

And today, he was held in the arms of his very own daddy, and surrounded by uncles and grandpas laying their hands on him and blessing him with blessings meant just for him

For 11 months he felt alone and today he was given a blessing to know how very loved he is, not only by all of us, but also by his heavenly father 
"We bless you with knowledge and strength to know of the love our Heavenly Father has for you , that you will know that you are a chosen son of God and that he will watch over and bless you throughout your life here on earth"

I have no doubt our father in heaven hurt just as much as Noah did, during those months that he was alone in the orphanage waiting for the plan for this little boys life to come together

Kris blessed Noah that "through your life you would always have angels surrounding you, watching over you and administering to you in your times of need"

I have no doubt this little boy has some valiant angels standing by his side and I am so humbled that I get to be his mother

He completes my heart in a way I didn't know needed completing 

 "Noah we are so grateful for you and You have already been such a blessing to our family already "

"And for the great miracle that you have arrived here to us"

We found this amazingly soft blanket made by someone in ukraine and it was so special to have it for his blessing day to have something from his birth country with him today.

The twins and Adrie also wore dresses from Ukraine today 

We tied in ukraine throughout our festivities today. We served food in the hand painted bowls we found in ukraine

We displayed items we found for Noah from ukraine

We used the adventure theme that my friend had used at a meet Noah night and it was all so perfect

Had a nacho bar, fruit and desserts

 And filled the house with people we love 

Noah's middle name, John, is a family name and given to each oldest son, on the Cox side. So to bless him with this name today and talk of his ancestors being proud of him bearing this name was also very special.

I know my Heavenly Father was aware of this momma's heart today too during the blessing because he blessed him with health and strength that his body will find a way to accept the nutrients he needs to grow and develop.

I still feel like there is just something "off" that we haven't discovered yet because our little man is not gaining weight still, and works so hard to eat. He has actually lost 6 ounces since being home , and is barely over 13 pounds at almost a year old. and it has had me worried to not have answers to why. Having all the tests so far come back normal is of course good news but it still doesn't give us answers. And not knowing how I can help him is hard. I know that my heavenly father is aware of my concerns and is right here by our side as we provide for and love this little boy like he needs.

Usually in our church, babies are blessed on the first sunday of the month which is set aside for people to share their testimonies of Christ with the congregation. But due to scheduling conflicts with family members we were not able to bless him on fast and testimony meeting. I have been a little sad about that because I always love the opportunity to hear and feel the spirit of a baby blessing and then listen to testimonies shared, as well as be able to share my own as the mother of the newly blessed baby.

I know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves each one of us, and that he knows our fears, our struggles, and he knows our hopes and our prayers too. His plan doesn't always line up with our plan but when we make His will our own, our eyes are opened to the bigger picture .... the more important picture. 

In this case, a very beautiful picture. 

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