Monday, May 30, 2016

One is fun

This is more then just a room full of people 
Where Noah was born ...This goes against everything people believe about Down syndrome 
That this many people could instantly love and support a child with Down syndrome 

On his birthday a year ago, when he entered this world, 

he was welcomed with tears, fear, and a general consensus that he was worthless of life outside an orphanage. 
Except God had a different plan for this boy 
And this sight right here 
A house FULL of people who love and believe in this little boy 
Is just the beginning of that plan that was set into motion one year ago 
Noah's birth mother knew Noah had no future like this in her country 

As I watched Noah literally swarmed by all his cousins and friends as he was opening gifts my heart was extremely full. 
And I am so grateful for the immense love this little boy has in his life now 
Here this little boys path changed so drastically from alone, afraid and shut away
To celebrated, loved and content with happiness 
He has no idea what today means
He has no idea that today's celebration was more then just cake, 

ice cream, Or balloons 
and gifts,

... Today was a miracle 
A miracle that we found our way to him , 
and could have him home in time to celebrate his first birthday with his family ,
 instead of alone in an orphanage 

 he is now beginning the life he so deserves 
Last week as I spent 8 days with him in the hospital I couldn't stop thinking of what if all these health problems had hit him just a few months sooner ? While he was in an orphanage? If they had, he would not have had the care he needed and I am so thankful for the lords guiding hand in the timing of this process to allow him to be home to be cared for me celebrated 

He has A life where he is loved 
A life where he is celebrated 
(Noah's ark style of course)

A life where people believe in him and his abilities 
A life where he can thrive 
A life where he belongs 

Happy first birthday little man! We love you! 

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