Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A family for Christmas giveaway


In December 2010, I came across a blog that was hosting a "Family for Christmas Giveaway" for two little orphan girls. One of those little girls was Mia, before I even knew that this little girl was meant to be in our family, there were people praying for her and raising money for her, so when her family did find her, they would have some financial help in getting her out of the orphanage as quickly as possible.

That Christmas of 2010, we hadn't committed to this little girl yet but I spent that holiday season thinking about the picture that I had seen on the blog during that giveaway, the picture of a little girl that had brought me to tears, and sent me down a path I had never planned on.

 I pictured her as I sat and watched my other girls open their presents that Christmas morning,
  I watched my girls dance in their new dance room that year and all I could think about was how there was another little girl across the world that was supposed to be there dancing too. That Christmas season my heart was realizing that Mia was supposed to be part of our family. And the more I realized that was true, the deeper my heart ached to get her home.

Here we are 4 years later and its Christmas time again, and again my heart has realized that there is another child across the world who should be here with us.

 A little boy who needs the greatest gift of Christmas we could give; a little boy who needs a family.

Mia's miracle that began that Christmas season 4 years ago, is continuing now as we are preparing to give a little boy the gift of love and family this coming year.

That Christmas of 2011, was one to remember as we witnessed a child experience Christmas like she never had before, and it was not because she received dolls and toys for the first time , but because she finally had the love of a family to call her own.

Today is December 1, its a global day dedicated to giving called #givingtuesday, so what better day to kick off  "A Family for Christmas giveaway" to help bring a little boy out of an orphanage and into a family.


You can participate in our giveaway in the following ways:

- every $10 donation is one entry into the giveaway (i.e. $100 donation is 10 entries into the giveaway)
- every social media share is one entry into the giveaway (please comment with your name to notify me of your social media share)

Donations can be made to our adoption fund through our youcaring page, our
Reeces Rainbow account or given to us in person (contact me if you need
info on how to donate in person )

If you make your donation through the youcaring page it is not tax deductible but the Reeces Rainbow link offers a tax deductible donation if you are looking for that option.

We will be giving away these three awesome gifts!

An XBOX ONE  Lego movie edition


An ipad mini2 16 GB

an apple TV

The giveaway will run through Dec. 16 at midnight.

Those who have already donated will also be added to this giveaway.

Please help us give the gift of a family to a deserving little boy this year. 


  1. Such an amazing family!! So happy to support such an an amazing gift!! xoxo - Amy

  2. Hi Kecia and Kris! I shared your post again tonight. I wish I had the means to assist you financially, but prayers will have to do for now. Hugs! Sherri Hauert

  3. Shared on fb and donated through RR. Lots of love to your growing family! Noah is one lucky little boy :)

  4. Shared on FB!!! He is a cutie!!

  5. Shared on Facebook and e-mailed your link to my family and co-workers! Praying this sweet boy is home soon!

  6. Blessed to be able to follow your journey and help out with a small donation.

  7. I shared on Facebook and made a donation on Reese’s Rainbow. Can’t wait for this little boy to get home with his family! XO

  8. Shared again for a final push :) Love you friend!!!

  9. Shared! God bless you all. (Brianna Williams Yount)