Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's moments like this...

That remind me why we are starting this adoption journey again.....

everyone deserves someone to laugh with and love.

When we brought Mia home at the age of 4 she literally didn't know how to laugh.

Laughter was an instinct we had taken for granted with our babies,

Babies just know how to laugh right? 


Mia didn't have that instinct, her desire to laugh had been squashed and she didn't know how to laugh because no one triggered that inside her....until she was 4!
She was not able to let herself laugh out loud.
We used to say she sounded like a car engine that couldn't turn over. It was like she started to work her way into a laugh and she couldn't let it go into a full blown laugh. She had been holding back for so long she didn't know any different .

My heart has been aching tremendously to wrap Noah up and hold him close. And each time I see our story shared, or I see a donation come in, or kind words of encouragement shared in support of this journey, I feel a little closer to him and pray that he will feel the love that is coming for his way.

I am looking forward to showing baby Noah just how good laughter feels !


ONE WEEK LEFT for our giveaway.  

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