Sunday, December 13, 2015

A story to be told

We don’t accomplish anything in the world alone and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that create something."

It is amazing to watch how the common threads of our lives weave together to create miraculous events in ways we could never have imagined.

My friend Beth, has been one of those many threads. She is one of those people who I connected with through Mia's adoption that has been in our life ever since, unfortunately we have yet to actually meet in person but I consider her a dear friend and she has more then once in the past 5 years been there for me and my family with words of encouragement, love and often even sweet packages for my girls.

Beth has a biological daughter with down syndrome and after we adopted Mia, she traveled across the world to adopt another little girl with down syndrome; Livvy Mae (another connection for us because our Livvy is Livvy Mae) .

 When she heard we were traveling this road again, she wanted to help. 

And her story is the raw emotional truth behind the urgency we feel to get to our little prince...

it is why I don't sleep at night,

it's why I am emotional every time a donation comes in

it's why it matters when people share our story

it's why I pester the social worker and other officials about paperwork to keep things moving,

it's why my heart races with each passing day that goes by, 
because each passing day Noah waits.....

this is why I feel an even stronger urgency to get to baby Noah then I probably realized with Mia, 

When I look at my twins and think of their lives the last 3 1/2 years it's hard to comprehend that Mia spent longer then that all alone , and suffering in ways we may never know. I always wished we could have known her as a baby , or even had a baby picture of her for that matter. 

Because he is still so young, Noah will get to be loved in ways Mia never did, maybe we can get to him before he has suffered too much,

Each day I wake up and the first thing on my to do list is "adoption stuff" ....any paperwork or errands that are adoption related, its like when I am working on those things I feel this connection to this little boy,
I feel him calling to me, and its like I can't get these things done fast enough for him.
So much of this process is out of my hands, so when there are things I can do to keep it progressing, I do it with great urgency and great purpose. 

This past week was a good one for progressing in our dossier (the huge packet of paperwork that gets sent to his country that will officially commit us to him) , we finally got our first homestudy visit set up, Kris passport came so we could finish a bunch of the papers on our end, and we had our physician appts which is a big part of the papers. And every time something gets checked of the dossier list, I get emotional and I feel like saying "hang on baby boy, we are coming and we are one step closer to you"

Beth's sweet girl , Livvy Mae, suffered, as each of these children left at birth do, but Livvy seems to be deeply affected even today and still struggles with finding peace.

Beth said this to me "so many of the struggles we have with Livvy are due to her time spent in an orphanage. If we had been able to get to her sooner she may have not had to suffer like she is today. As hard as it is to open up about Livvy's struggles, I want everyone to know how urgent it is that these babies come home! As painful as it will be to share our beautifully broken girl , it will save lives. Our journey will help bring Noah home and that was all part of Gods perfect plan."

  "Even though it was out of my control, I will always feel tremendous guilt for not getting to Livvy sooner.  With each passing day in that orphanage she slipped farther and farther away.  I will always wonder, what if I just fought a little bit harder?  I'm sure it would have made a huge difference in her quality of life today.  I never want Kecia to have those what ifs.  Noah needs to come home and my Livvy Girl is going be his guide."

You need to read the rest of her story here to understand what these little ones endure. 
You see, the threads that connect us all are meant to create something. Our tapestry's are purposefully being weaved together. 

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