Thursday, December 24, 2015

An early Christmas gift

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the final preparations for Christmas I am suddenly overwhelmed with emotions and can't stop the tears as I think of baby brother this Christmas . He is spending his first Christmas, alone and I have to wonder as we are all sharing the love of family and friends , what is he doing? Does he maybe get an extra hug or snuggle because it's Christmas? , or a gift of any kind?  Does he feel the spirit of Christmas around him? 

I am overwhelmed with many different emotions 

I feel Sadness that I can't hold him this Christmas morning and wish him a merry Christmas or watch his eyes light up at the magic of this season. 

I feel Heartache that part of our family is not with us this Christmas and that we have no idea what he is doing as we are thinking of him

I feel A Longing for the day we get to pick him up out of that orphanage crib and tell him just how many people already love him 

I feel Grateful that this will be his first and also his last Christmas alone

I feel Blessed that prayers are continuously answered in our path to this little boy, as so many people continue to come forward to join in our journey , each one laying a stepping stone to this little boy. 
It's as if around each bend of doubt, or roadblock of emotions and fears, the Lord takes every opportunity to open a door with light and direction as he sends another one of Noah's angels to us...just when we need them. Each instance reminding us that God is there and that he is aware of this little boy and what needs to be done to get to him. 

The gifts of love we have received this Christmas season will be forever in our hearts. Last night we were given this wonderful gift ...... A beautiful video message of our story that we hope will not only help Noah find his gift of family but other children as well. 

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