Wednesday, December 16, 2015

With your help this will be the last Christmas this little boy spends alone

Our giveaway ends TONIGHT at midnight! It's the final push. Every donation helps. Every share helps. Your dollars have become sacred to us. The first thing we feel when a donation comes in is a little guilt because we know it caused that family to have to give something up during tough times. We think of each person or family and know it wasn't easy to give what they did.
Then the Spirit reasurres and reminds us that this is much bigger than dollars and certainly much bigger than us. And the guilt is replaced with gratitude....Gratitude for friends, family and even people we have never met, who are loving baby Noah along with us. You who are a part of this giveaway are literally saving a life ; this one little boy will know that his life is precious and next Christmas he won't be alone. Just a $10 donation can save a life! (And you might win something cool in the process 😉) please share! Giveaway details are on the blog…/a-family-for-chris…

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