Thursday, December 3, 2015


Why would we be doing this?

This is why....

From a family that previously adopted a 12 month old and a 10 month old from Noah's country....

 "When we met our 10 month old boy we learned that he had NEVER been held. Never in 10 months ! He had temperature of 104 the day we met him and the doctor told us it was ok because he had down syndrome, they refused to give him meds or treat him because he had down syndrome. His feet were green with fungus growing on them. The orphanage drugged him to keep him sedated so they didn't have to deal with him. His diaper was changed once a day while he laid in his crib and his two bottles he got per day were propped up on his chest with a towel underneath because the nipple was as large as a pencil eraser and most of it went on the towel, what he could choke down, was what he got. 

Our 12 month old girl was in an orphanage where they did not drug the kids but instead if it was nap time and you made any noise at all you were slapped so you would learn not to make noise . That was life for these children. Living in fear from such a young age. "

The last few days I have been so touched and so emotional every time I see a donation come in, or a sweet message shared, as many people join together to try and help us bring this little boy home and so Yesterday as I read this account of what these babies went through before their families found them, I was already feeling so much emotion for this little boy and my heart just broke and I cried.

It hit a very close nerve thinking of Noah, the same age range as these little ones, and wondering if he too is living in such horrible conditions, waiting for us to get to him.

I also thought of Mia and how we have always known that she most likely went through things she never should have had to go through in those first few years, but when you read an actual account of what it might have been like, your heart can barely handle it. And my emotions have been raw thinking of it all.

From some of the things she dealt with when we brought her home, and also still deals with some even still, I can only assume she suffered some of these types of things as a baby and toddler. For the first few years home, Mia slept curled up in a ball with her sheets and pillow over her head at night, a very scared position that broke my heart to see. I am sure I probably don't want to know what she actually lived through those first few years. And i realize what a strong, brave little girl she must have been to live like that for so long.

So why adopt a special needs child from another country?

Because no child deserves to live like this,

Because this child,

 deserves a family too.

Because this child needs to be cuddled, and held and not just placed in that crib in the background lined up with all the others to just exist.

He deserves to be loved and safe.

Hopefully we can get to him before he has suffered too much. 

Mia never got the blessing of being loved as a baby, which makes me even more eager to move this process along as fast as possible to give Noah that chance that his sister never got.

I pray with all my heart he is safe until we do.

*THANK YOU THANK YOU to all those who have donated to Noah and who have shared his story so far!*


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