Monday, November 23, 2015


Imagine you have just had a new baby.

But before the doctor will let you hold your baby you have to go through hours of training,

You have to spend months running all over town gathering paperwork and making sure you have all the correct documentation,

You have to somehow come up with a huge sum of money

And each day that you are doing these things you are not even allowed to know information about your baby

You are not allowed to know if your baby is sick, or if he is sad or happy,

or what milestones you are missing as you try to get through this process.

Each day that passes your baby grows up a little more without you.

You are not told how much they weigh or what they like or don't like,

You are given one single picture and that is it....

You stare at this one picture studying its every part, trying to envision what your child might be like and praying they are safe and that they can hold on until you get to them.

 With each of my pregnancies I felt an instant connection to the unborn child, which only grows more and more throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, but that connection is not complete until I am holding that new baby in my arms.

 With this journey we are starting I am feeling very similar...

No I did not carry this child and I do not have that aspect of the motherly connection with him that you have with pregnancy, but now that I know that I am supposed to be his mother the feelings start getting very real just the same.

 Suddenly this picture of a baby boy laying all alone in an orphanage on the other side of the world, is not just any boy,

he is my boy

 and each day that passes is another day that he doesn't know that he has a mother, a father, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends all waiting to love him.

Each day that passes is another day that I have to wonder and worry about how he is doing, and if he is safe?

I pray each day that his little heart will not be lonely and that he will feel the love that is coming for him.

As I have been diving in to this paperwork last week I have been so emotional about it, knowing that these papers are more then just papers, they are the ticket to getting to hold my baby, each one that is completed is a tiny step closer to making that a reality.
Each dollar that is donated becomes sacred and is much more then just money, it becomes another step closer to giving my baby a life.

We are so blessed with love and support all around us as we embark on this road and our friends are feeling the urgency to help us, without even having to ask, there are many stepping forward to try and help.

Please take a minute to Watch and share this video that one of our friends made hoping to help share our story and bring baby brother home as soon as possible.

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