Sunday, January 31, 2016

So totally worth it

Happiest day!!!!!
We got a few updated pictures of baby Noah this morning and I am in LOVE! 

To see current pictures of my boy is such a blessing!!

They were taken yesterday before his nap. Wish I was kissing his cheeks as he laid down for that nap

His dark hair and dark eyes are so beautiful and I can't help but stare into those eyes and feel him looking straight at me

His petite little features with his tiny button nose and beautiful almond eyes took me back to my breezy babe! 

And that cute half smile made my heart burst! As if he knows this picture was being taken for his mama! 

His mohawk hair kills me and reminds me so much of Kyra as a baby. She had the same crazy hair on top. 

How crazy is this resemblance? 

So funny! And even both in green sleepers ha ha. He is meant for us!

Oh sweet precious little babe, we are getting so close to coming for you and picking you up from that crib! We can't wait to see those petite little features in person , kiss those little cheeks and let you feel loved! 

Lots and lots of love!
From the first picture I saw of you I felt such peace and these new ones bring the same feeling. 

Your big sister bought you this shirt with her own money 
And these new pictures of you help remind us all why we are doing this ..... They remind us that at the end of all the papers, time, stress, worry, fears, doubts, and money is this sweet little face of one of Gods most precious souls .....waiting ....

Waiting to know that he IS worth it all! 


  1. Awwww - LOVE LOVE LOVE that you got pics and a bit of an update!!! Soooo happy for you!!!! Cannot WAIT til he is home!!!

  2. I scroll up to your family photo and I can just see him fitting in so perfectly. God is good for sure. Baby Noah is soon to be right where he belongs.

  3. Absolutely perfect! Does he have a name yet? I followed your family's journey to Mia. I was fighting breast cancer at the time and your family gave me so much hope. I'm am thrilled to be following you again as you meet your little guy. He is so very blessed to be a part of your family.