Sunday, January 24, 2016

One step closer

The last few weeks has been stressful waiting for our home study to get finalized so when I saw the fed ex truck pull up I nearly knocked him over at the door ! 

In this fed ex envelope is one of the biggest pieces of the dossier, our home study . It means we are a big step closer to our boy! 

I immediately dropped everything and ran one copy of the home study to the post office to be overnighted to uscis (US immigration approval ) . The US approval is known as the "golden ticket" because it's the last document people are usually waiting for before their entire dossier can be submitted in country . 

The same day we got our home study in the mail, we received some horrible news about another little boy. Our cousins lost their 2 year old boy to cancer after just two months of the diagnosis . To say we are all heartbroken is an understatement .

As I woke up the next day I was so sad for them and my heart just hurt so much as I held my little ones tight. 

As the twins got ready for preschool they came running in and said they wanted to take Noah's picture for show and tell and my emotions got the best of me 

Thinking about  what this life is really all's about family. 
Our cousins little boy was blessed to have an amazing family for his short time here on earth and he will now get to be with that family for eternity. 

And as I ached and cried for this little boys family, I felt an added measure of meaning to what I was doing in this adoption journey 

Family is the reason we are working so hard to get to Noah, 
and why this pile of documents is precious cargo, 

because it will allow a child to have the love of a family ....forever

Every time I go to the capital I get emotional .... But this time I felt an added level of emotion and an increased testimony of family. 

This building is a symbol of freedom 
and knowing the documents I carry inside to be apostilled are literally passage for a little boys freedom, 
just brings tears and butterflies all at once. 

as I ran around to the capital collecting my documents ...(.23 of the needed documents were sent off today In hopes that the team in his country can begin translation now and then when the last pieces come in the next few weeks we can send those over and then it might make things go smoother and hopefully get a travel date sooner.)

And sending them on their way to Noah's country , I did it with tears in my eyes .... And with two little boys on my heart, one in heaven and one in a foreign country. It's about the love of a family. 

That's what it's all about .

In one of Elder L.Tom Perry's last LDS general conference addresss he said "let me close my bearing witness ...and my last 9 decades on earth fully qualify me to say this...that the older I get, the more I realize that FAMILY is the center of life and the key to ETERNAL happiness"

It's about family . 

Everyone deserves the blessing of a family. 

Baby Noah , you deserve a family 
And your family prays for you every night.
Your dad is praying for you to feel an added measure of love while you wait for us. 
Your sisters are praying that you are safe and protected .
Your mom is praying that you are healthy and warm. 

We are all praying for you to know your family is coming as fast as we can. 


  1. Thankful this morning that your family is one step closer to bringing baby brother home. We will continue to pray that all will go smoothly and he will soon be living in your home.

  2. I am addicted to your blog! Gives me hope for our adoption progress.