Friday, February 26, 2016

Making room

Now that all the paperwork is done it's time to finish up prep here at home for baby brother while we anxiously await travel news. 

We have cleared out the office and turned it into a room for baby brother 

I often sit in the chair and imagine what he is going to look like , what he will act like, what his smile looks like, or what his laugh might sound like 

His first gift was this bear from a family who donated to his adoption and gave this along with their donation . And every time I see it in his bed I think of all the amazing people who have so generously given for this little boy.  
People who we pray may feel of our extreme gratitude for their love and support. 

This room is just missing one thing

A special little boy who will soon have a place to call his very own 

A place where he will be safe and loved 
Your adventures are just about to start little one, and we can hardly wait to see what your life has in store . 

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