Friday, February 19, 2016

Bree's Birthday Challenge for baby brother

9 years ago today on a cold snowy February morning, the blueprints for our life changed with the birth of our special breezy girl.

Those first few moments were raw and full of emotions as we steered our ideas of perfection in a new direction.

Bree, when you were born there were no Facebook advocacy groups or instagram friends to calm our fears of this unknown journey we were starting, there was just you.

You and your almond shaped eyes full of wisdom and love beyond our comprehension.

After you were born they whisked you away and I didn't get to see you again for 20 hours. I was left with concern and fear, worries and doubts of what this new path with an extra chromosome might mean for us all. When I finally was able to see you I walked into the nursery and came to your bedside and as I reached into that oxygen bubble you were under, you wrapped your tiny, perfect little hand around my finger and I knew that you were here to do something big with your life,
I knew that whatever challenges came our way because of you having down syndrome it would be ok, because you would make them ok. You quickly calmed our fears and turned our emotions into gratitude for this precious gift we were given. And at that moment our lives changed for the better, because of you.

Bree, Because of you......

this little girl's fate was changed
 she left orphanage walls and entered a home

Because of you, this little girl has a life and a family, and a best friend in you.

Bree, Because of you,

this little boy will soon be picked up and loved forever.

Because of you,
 You and your sister are taking us all by the hand again and leading us to your baby brother.

 9 years ago we had no idea the path your little life would start for us.

We did not know then that you were going to be a guardian angel to not just one, but two of our children in the years to come.

Bree's path has connected with many other lives over the years and we put together a special birthday tribute video to celebrate Bree and some of the lives that she's touched.
As we are getting so close to traveling to meet our little boy and are still a little short on funds, we are asking you all to join with us in a special birthday challenge today. In honor of Bree's 9th birthday we are challenging everyone to donate $9 to baby brothers adoption fund. We are so so thankful to each and every person who has helped us so far and we are getting close to being able to bring him home where he is meant to be thanks to the help and generosity of so many wonderful people.

Please watch and share!!!

What better way to celebrate this girl who is the epitome of all that is simple and good in life , then to help bring her baby brother home?
Because if she was not born into our family 9 years ago, we would not be on this path now.

Thank you Bree for rewriting our story when you came into this world and for continuing to add new chapters to our book that we would have left out,

making a new special edition of our story that was so much better then the one we would have written.

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God"-Corrie ten Boone-

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