Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dossier is complete !

On Saturday we got our "golden ticket " in the mail! The official approval from the US government, our final piece of our dossier!!!!!!!!! 

We got it notarized yesterday and I made my final trip to the capital this morning to get the final apostille !!

The sun was even shining today for the first time in weeks! And it just added to my excitement as I came upon the capital at the top of the hill. 

It's a good day baby brother! Baby boy Your final paperwork is on its way!

Left the capital and headed to fed ex to send this precious cargo across the sea ! 

Where the facilitation team is ready and waiting for it. The final pieces to the months of paperwork chasing are in this envelope. 

Paperwork that will allow us to get to our boy is now on its way!! 

So now what?

Now we wait for a travel date! Eeek!!! 

Once the finished dossier documents arrive in his country, the team finishes translating them all and submits them to the government there. For Noah's age group they only submit on Thursdays so we are hoping it can be submitted next Thursday. But that will depend on when it arrives and how long it takes to get it ready for submission . Then the government assigns us an appointment to arrive in his country. An appointment to obtain his files and accept his referral That appointment is our travel date !! 

Agghhhhhh!!!!! It's getting close!!!!

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