Monday, December 19, 2016

The gift of family

This picture came up on my feed today from last year and I couldn't control the floodgates

This Christmas season has meant a little bit more, having spent last Christmas season yearning for this little boy to be home and then watching the miracle of so many people rallying around us to make it possible....

And now he is home for Christmas and its pure magic!

 The Christmas season holds a special place in our hearts with regards to both Noah and Mia.
In Dec 2010 I came across a special friend who was trying to find Mia a family, trying to raise money for a little brown haired 4 year old who was about to be transferred from her orphanage to an adult mental institution.

That Christmas of 2010 we hadn't committed to this little girl yet but I spent that holiday season thinking about the picture I saw on that blog , the picture of a little girl that had brought me to tears, and sent me down a path I had never planned on. I pictured her that year as I watched my other girls open their presents that christmas morning, and as they danced in their new dance room that year , i knew that little girl across the world was supposed to be there dancing too. That christmas season my heart was realizing Mia was supposed to be in our family.

Who would have guessed that another Christmas 5 years later would be spent yearning for another lost child to be with us. Mias Miracle that began that christmas season in 2010, continued last year

As I have been able to hold, hug and kiss Noah and reflect on where he was last Christmas and how unknown to this little boy, or his praying birth mother, their was a miracle unfolding that brought hundreds of people together to help give the greatest gift one could ever receive.....the gift of a family.

Last year at this time we were so richly blessed by so many who were coming together to help make sure Noah never spent another Christmas alone.

We felt the true meaning of Christmas last year as were were focused on giving the gift of a family to this little boy. And were humbled to witness the love of friends, family and strangers in helping us give that gift.

And now this Christmas he has all he wants for Christmas .... a family......

and family is something you don't take for granted once you have looked into the eyes of an orphan.

As Kyra said "we must be grateful for what we have because somewhere in the world there is a child still waiting to find it."

Every time I hold Noah and watch in amazement as he learns, grows and thrives each day and as he experiences the magic of Christmas and the magic of a family this holiday season, I am brought to tears.

Tears of gratitude for the many people who gave of themselves last Christmas for his sake,

Tears full of love so deep it hurts

Tears of happiness that he is actually safe in our home, and in my arms this Christmas

Tears of humility for the lives he connected to ours

and tears of sadness for the many others, just like Noah....still waiting for their gift of a family....still waiting for their happy ending

When our friends did THIS video last year for us, we were working to bring Noah home and hoped it would help that cause, but even more so then that we hoped this video would be a way to share the story of why we were doing this and why its important to continue sharing for the other children who are still waiting..... other children can find their families too.

All too often my heart aches for those left behind, and I feel an overwhelming sadness for all the children I can't save.

I watch Noah and think of him being sedated and laying alone in a crib last Christmas and my heart hurts for of all those sweet children who are doing that very same thing this Christmas, when they deserve to be where Noah is....home for Christmas.

And so I continue to share our story in hopes that it leads to another child being found.

You see the threads that connect us all are meant to create something as Our tapestries are purposefully being woven together.

You may remember a few months ago when I posted about little Domenic and how he needed a family.....

Soon after that i received a message from someone on IG who had stumbled upon my account and seen his picture and was inquiring about him. She found out that he already had several inquiries ahead of hers so she assumed it wouldn't be the answer she thought  but said "at least finding your post about him got me actively pursuing adoption". Well a few weeks later I got another message saying they were adopting Domenic!
She shared with me how it was not coincidence that she came upon his picture because she knew when she saw him that he was supposed to be theirs!

The night I shared Domenic's picture I told Kris that I felt a push to share his picture that day and that the only thing I can do to help the hurt of leaving all those other babies behind is continue to pray and share and try and help find families for those still waiting.

At that time I had no idea Domenic was actually one of those sweet children left NOAH"S orphanage! It turns out that Noah and Domenic were in the same orphanage, in the same groupa for a time and we probably saw Domenic sleeping the day they let us into Noahs' sleeping room! Its no wonder I felt a connection to this sweet boy

And now this sweet little Domenic is coming home! This is the last Christmas he will spend alone. His parents will return for him to take him home for good after Christmas! It makes me cry just thinking about it and how miraculous these threads are that weave us together, if we let them.
Domenic is also the 7th child for this family, just like Noah!
As Domenic's mom and I have been conversing and we have watched her sit in that very same room with Domenic as we sat with Noah, I realize that it just takes one...

One person to see the face of a child and feel something they never planned on feeling.....something that says "this is your path....this child needs you, and you need them "

So today I am sharing sweet Paulson

Paulson is Noahs age and is spending another Christmas alone this year

Paulson started his life the same way as Noah, and Domenic, an orphanage ....alone...

But Paulson still waits....

Paulson is still waiting for the gift that is greater then any other...

The gift of a family.

I have a feeling his mom and dad are out there and if we can share this post, and share his picture I have faith that his family will see it and they will know its time to alter their path and go bring this boy home.

This Christmas lets continue the miracle of the true meaning of this season by sharing, praying, or even donating to little Paulson and let this be the last Christmas he spends alone.

I have had this little boy on my mind so much it brings me to tears even typing about him, as I feel an urgency to share his picture.....with a prayer that his family is going to see it and know that he should be with them.
On sunday as we sang "Away in a manger " this verse hit me hard and I couldn't stop my tears as I sang and thought of all the children spending Christmas alone this year....
"Bless all the dear children in thy tender care ..."
and then the tears changed to gratitude for the blessing it is to have Noah home for Christmas this year .

Last year, you all helped Noah get his Christmas wish

Our little lost elf came home for Christmas and there is no greater gift.

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  1. whoa, what a great story. I always love your memoirs, they seriously bring me to tears.